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You know, I was born in Pulilan :-)


A great series of street scenes of the musicians.
I really like the variety you take. Photo qualities are excellent.


i like the parade of the carabaos better. hehehe ;p


what a great parade
and full of colors


for three years now that i havent been to a fiesta. thnaks for the pics, they are bringing back memories from home.


Nice parade.

reza khalili

is this election?


Great shots! I like the very vibrant red shirts.

Stardog Champion

This looks like such a festive scene. Love all the different shots of the different bands you got there. Great work as always Sidney!


That's quite a parade there!

Ladybug's Leaf

The atmosphere must have been charged with great energy on this day ~~ beautiful shots, Sidney!

Jide Alakija

WOW! Sidney. Loads of stuff I've missed out on.....lovely shots as usual.


great! a streamer parade...i wonder, what has Jejomar Binay got to do with this celebration?! hmm. You know how one, just by looking at a photo, predicts the position of the photographer? well, i can see you here clearly. and i can imagine you well. :)

charles ravndal

OMG typical Filipino especially the banner thingy with the names of the officials as if they really did help.


They certainly know how to put on street shows! I love the vibrant colours.


Flags above the streets, that's like in the Netherlands, makes the world look happier.


i like perspective of the decoration across street..colorful and nice patterns:-)) great people shot:-))

E Etomi

Quite informative. Nice blog too.


I finally caught up with you again, Sydney. I can see I've missed some excellent series, including this one.


Great looking majorettes!


What a lovely parade Sidney! The last one reminded me of marching bands in the 17th of May parade in Norway:-)


Aaah no cow shots today, yippee :P

I still think my favourite shots from yours are when you tend to focus on the indivuduals instead of the carnivals.



I've been viewing your blog for a couple of months now. Have always admired your great photos.

Btw, why am I getting pop-ups from your site now? I never got them before.


This is from my home province! My hometown is Bocaue Bulacan...


Hi Sidney..these photographs are very remarkable..tack sharp and well composed..also thanks for all the tips that you taught me about photography.
I'm really enjoying this hobby now that I'm learning so many things from you.
Thanks man!

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